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Marketing Department

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SeaLight Enterprises and our associates have extensive experience working on Marketing, Branding and PR for hundreds of social, environmental, entertainment and technology events, products, and companies. Part of our work has included helping companies draw the unique message to be communicated to create value to customers, clients and partners; designing advertising and PR Strategies; and building brand recognition to support sales and customer acquisition.

We can create the needed balance to develop partners, grow customers/user acquisition, enhance brand experience and turn companies into market leaders. Only in the area of Press/PR, we have direct connections with tens of thousands of media outlets and publications specialized in every industry from technology to lifestyle, with audiences that cover every market segment. We work in all key areas of marketing, such as:

- Communications Strategy Formulation
- Startup/Small Business Funding - Market/Competitive Research
- Crowdfunding Campaign Management: Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc.
- Market Trend Analysis
- Go-to-Market Strategy
- UX/UI, User Testing
- Customer Research, Survey Development, Focus Groups
- Customer Relationships Management
- Social Media Strategy/Management
- Press/Media/Blogger/PR
- Sponsorships: Technology & Celebrity Events/Non-Profit Fundraising Galas
- Product Placement (Film, TV, Web)
- Video Production: Commercials, Infomercials & Branded Content
- Celebrity Gifting Suites (Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, Golden Globes, MTV Awards, etc.)
- Influencer Marketing
- Celebrity Endorsement
- Celebrity/Talent Relations
- Events/Conferences Production/Management
- Events/Conferences Speaking Opportunities
- Corporate Brand Identity Formulation & Management
- Website/Blog Content Management
- Email Marketing
- SEM/SEO/App Store Optimization
- Online Ads/Traditional Ads
- Affiliate Marketing
- Monetization Strategies
- Metrics & Analytics: CAC/LTV
- Business Development Support
- Client Account Management
- Lead Generation
- Strategic Partnership/Licensing
- Investor Relations

Maximizing growth utilizing the best most cost-efficient optimization strategy, integrating all of the marketing elements with consistency, and staying relevant, are major challenges for early stage and growth companies. Our knowledge of multiple aspects of business and many industries is enhanced and revalued, by our ability to build beneficial partnerships with key industry players and high-caliber experts.

Our work involves collaboration and partnership with multiple organizations, individuals and interest groups. We have advised startups, early stage and large companies, as well as talent and creators on marketing tools and marketing plan drawing & implementation as well as best uses of traditional and digital marketing strategies and tools, including the utilization of social media and the integration of mobile in their overall strategy.

SeaLight Marketing/PR clients