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Who are Our Clients?

If your Company or Brand is not growing exponentially, you are doing something wrong! Can your Startup get funded, and get $2-$5 million dollars in annual revenue in 3-6 months? We have made it happen!

Our clients range from Startups to established large international corporations. We work on short and long term projects providing effective, top-agency work for a fraction of the cost. We assist clients in achieving and surpassing their growth goals.

With our experience and extensive connections, we identify multiple vertical, strategies and opportunities to grow within or outside your targeted national and international markets. We identify private investors & venture capital, help you design business & marketing strategies, create significant/strategic joint ventures and international licensing/sub-licensing contracts, as well as assist with corporate mergers & acquisitions (M&As). Some of the industries we handle are:

1- Digital Media, Mobile, Cloud, Security, Big Data, Entertainment technologies, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software;

2- High-technology and Hardware, Consumer Products, CleanTech;

3- Advanced Medical System, Biotech, Manufacturing;

4- Talent, Food, Beverages, Beauty, Fashion, Filmmakers, Restaurants.

5- Government Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations,

All our partners and associates have decades of experience in their fields and are committed to the highest business practice standards, offering their best advice aiming towards the best results. SeaLight Enterprises will help your company get "in" where your team canít. We introduce serious corporate joint venture partners, who will expand your intended markets. We create effective results that create more profits, in less time, with less expense to your company. SeaLight Enterprises helps coachable startup leaders to make significant changes and raise their companies valuation implementing these key goals:

1- Achieve and surpass your intended financial/revenue projections;

2- Reduce operational costs, and increase profitability;

3- Identify many more of your intended customers and various verticals, as well as strategic channel partners, and obtain the business relationships for maximum results;

4- Find serious growth capital to launch products and/or develop new markets.

Our dedication to our clients is our first priority as we focus on their best interest and fast results with the highest business standards. Professionalism and integrity are at the top of the list of values we offer. It is our mission to create results for our clients quickly, effectively and efficiently in all areas of business.

We are dedicated to being responsible to our community, and to the communities involved with our customers; which includes creating profitability, creating jobs, and directly assisting with deserving charities dedicated to making a difference for those who are less fortunate, less enabled, or less capable.

We have worked with the City of Los Angeles, City of Burbank, GE, NBC Universal, Sony, Verizon, Nickelodeon, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, US Bank, IBM, Warner Bros, Google, Zappos, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Playboy, Lexus, Proctor & Gamble, Comcast, DirectTV, and AT&T, to name a few.

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