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Climate Change Talk with James Cameron on Oscar Night

Beverly Hills, March 2, 2014. The release of deadly amounts of methane from Arctic regions was reported to be double than previously estimated just last November. Last week scientists have discovered the revival of a giant virus that has been frozen under Siberian tundra for over 30,000 years. The documentary "Chasing Ice" captures mind-blowing footage of the melting and disappearance of an iceberg the size of Manhattan, which was estimated to exist since the last Ice Age, in a matter of seconds in front of the filmmakers very eyes. California is facing the worst drought on record while the Midwest is frozen by the Polar Vortex. Most Conservatives continue to use their money to make out "quasi science" to deny climate change, in greedy desperate efforts to defend their oil, coal and polluting multi billion sources of wealth, hence obstructing the much needed full force disaster preparedness efforts. In the meantime, melting polar regions may be exposing humanity to many unknown ancient threats. Narrow minds with short-term gain goals could have horrific consequences for the only planet we have. On Monday 28 Democrat senators stayed up all night to speak about climate change.

On Oscar night Filmmaker James Cameron delivered a great speech on the subject to a very young large crowd and was interrupted several times by the applause of those who were listening at Fame & Philanthropy Post-Oscar Party. He talked about the importance of science and the challenges presented in a country where half of the population still does not accept evolution. He talked about the true science of climate change, compiled by thousands of independent researchers who, not only agree that the planet is warming up, the largest ice reserves in the world are melting and the oceans are raising, but 95% of those scientists also agree that climate change is man-made.

Cameron talked about the importance of knowledge and education as the only tools humans have to make the right decisions, and how essential it is for all of us to do what is right for our children. The science we know tells us that we are literally eating rainforest, that one pound of beef takes as much water as six months of showers seven days a week. "If you know that animal agriculture has a much greater impact in greenhouse production than transportation, you eliminate animal products from your diet, like I did two years ago," Cameron said. "We have to go back 250,000 years to see so many species becoming extinct" he continued, and despite all those facts, "We are seeing as much disconnect between science and policy as we saw in times of Galileo, driven by special interests." Those interests led by oil companies and polluting corporations pay "quasi scientists" to manipulate facts and disqualify true scientists. "I am 59 years old and in my lifetime the world population has tripled. For the first time in history, the old ways are not going to work; there is no more land we can invade and conquest," Cameron stated. We are all connected: what we do affects the entire planet. "The two richest men in American at the time died in the Titanic. Nobody is getting off this ship!"

James Cameron had words of support for the charities being benefited that night, CITY helping motivated young people to achieve their dreams, Ne-Yo’s Compound and Charlize Theron's Africa Outreach Project. "She is the epidemic of service to the greater good", Cameron said about Theron. On closing he talked about the only way we can face the upcoming tremendous challenges: together with empathy and compassion, embracing scientific facts as our best and only tools for action. "That" he said "is what the films nominated this years for the Oscars show: knowledge and compassion." He commented on Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years a Slave, The Square, The Missing Picture, The Act of Killing, and Gravity. "You are entitled to have an opinion but you don’t get to have your own facts. Do everything you do in your life through the lens of compassion for each other and for the planet."

It would have been a perfect evening, if it had not been because of the party within the party. Of course it was easy to notice the rather unusual large number of young women compared to men, at least quadruple! - even the bartenders commented on it. Then I discovered the presence of what I call "the Playboy Pack", a group of about 40-50 mostly older wealthy men, and their male relatives and friends, who I encountered some years ago when I was invited to one of the almost weekly parties they organize at private mansions in and around Beverly Hills, included the Playboy Mansion, where the number of women always at least quadruple the number of men. They have unofficial scouts, who go out a lot and collect young women information to bring them to their parties. Though the parties are "invite only", there’s rarely anyone checking names at the door. The peculiarity about this group is that whenever you see one, you’re likely to see at least 20 of them, and so I saw, walking around scattered on the floor and the VIP area, as they are always in the comp list.

Ne-Yo performed a medley of his hits including "So Sick," "Let’s Go," "Let Me Love You" and Pitbull’s "Give Me Everything." Celebrity guests included: Director James Cameron, Hale Berry, Charlize Theron, Sean Penn, NE-YO, Paris Hilton, Zendaya, The Stafford Brothers, Director Shane Black, Gene Simmons, Tyrese Gibson, Joanna Krupa, Adrienne Maloof and adult film actor Ron Jeremy.

The event was benefiting three charities: Community Inspiring Today’s Youth (CITY), has the mission to provide a structured business development program and ongoing technical support for teens and young adults throughout Los Angeles; Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP), which was created in 2007 in an effort to support African youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS; and Compound Foundation, which is a national organization that enhances the well-being of youth growing up in foster care and group homes.